Florida blonde angel: Heidi Fahrenbach

Heidi Fahrenbach photosHeidi Fahrenbach, 21 years old and from Florida. Heidi Fahrenbach, blond hair and perfect body reflects the air of the city he was born. Not yet a model for many young people. Heidi Fahrenbach who modeled for 3 years, participated for the first time at age 12 won a beauty contest.

Heidi Fahrenbach a passion for the dance. Loves to dance.

Heidi Fahrenbach Video


Heidi Fahrenbach describes himself with these words;

Hair & Makeup???
A: I can do my own hair & makeup which wouldnt be an issue at all.

A: I can provide my own wardrobe since I do have many many many clothes unless you have something specific in mind you would like
(Lingerie) Im sponsored by a lingerie company called G World Intimates

Heidi Fahrenbach photos

Book me for Travel???
I love to travel with modeling & have done it many times. If you are interested in booking me for a job which would require me travel I do have references you can contact upon request.

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