Miley Cyrus, with tiny Bikini in Rio de Janeiro beach

Miley Cyrus bikini pictureMiley Cyrus has decided to close an account on Twitter, doing holiday coast of Brazil. Tiny Bikini and friends, “Rio De Janeiro,” sunbathing beach of the famous singer, that the arrival of the journalists returned to the hotel.

Your lover was also put a body art on her right ribcage was clearly visible in her grey swimsuit, while her mother Tish Cyrus showed off a huge wings tattoo on her back wearing a hot pink two-piece.

The pop singer has really been enjoying her time in South America. She was charming in all the sites and noise of the entire continent.

After a great sun baths, Miley packed up her stuff and covered up in cut-off jean shorts and a Willie Nelson t-shirt. She has certainly been making the most of her time in Brazilian Beach.
Yesterday, Miley and her mother Tish Cyrus observed the sunset from the Cristo Redentor statue on the Corcovado Mountain. They were taking photographs on the shore, looked cool and sporty posing in front of the well-known statue.

Miley Cyrus landed to Brazil on 11th May 2011 and has been touring South America since late last month.

Spanish dance with Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Spain took the stage at Rock in Rio music festival in Madrid. Miley Cyrus’s concert with a great performance was followed by about 36.000 fans. The jersey worn on the stage with such black concert dress Miley, has flipped to Hispanic audiences. But if age is a small chest in terms of their magnification. Miley Cyrus, the future will Beyonce’s

Miley Cyrus bikini pictures – Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami

Miley Cyrus Pictures
Through posing topless for Vanity Fair to involving in a steamy hug on-screen, Miley Cyrus seems to be eager to leave the squeaky-clean Hannah Montana behind.

And judging from all of these latest pictures, her desire to get rid of her fictional alter-ego couldn’t become more obvious as she strutted around a Florida hotel yesterday in a little bikini while revealing a recently-inked tattoo.

The 17-year-old singer was snapped enjoying a soothing day with friends at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach as she lay at the lake having wrapped up her Wonder World world tour the night before.

But it wasn’t the skimpy neon pink two-piece that attracted all the attention, but what appeared to be the words ‘Just Breathe’ tattooed in black ink on her ribcage just under her left breast.

She also was describing the design to her friend after she was snapped gesturing from it with her hands.

In theory, Miley isn’t legally permitted to have a tattoo as she is under 18, the legal age to be inked in the US.

However, after her brother Trace recently says all the Cyrus family were planning to get matching ones, Miley may have been given permission to get one from her country singer father Billy Ray.

One fan’s blog today suggested that she got the tattoo in memory of a nine-year-old girl called Vanessa who passed away from cystic fibrosis in 2007.

Cyrus met Vanessa at a L . a . hospital and instantly connected with her, describing her as one of her best friends.
There is no word from Miley’s agent today to confirm if the tattoo was a permanent or temporary one.

Miley was photographed later that afternoon leaving the resort wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt in homage to her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.
She’s currently dating Australian actor and former Neighbours star Liam Hemsworth, 19, who she met while filming the Disney movie The Last Song.

But she dated 17-year-old Jonas, the youngest of the musical sibling trio and thought to be her first love, from June 2006 to December 2007.

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