Miranda Kerr hot Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie pictures

Miranda Kerr PicturesIf you’re just one guy searching for a gorgeous woman with a sexy body which brings home killer pay, then model hottie “Miranda Kerr” might be exactly what you’re looking for.

But, as most of you know, “Miranda Kerr” is not just your run of the mill fashion model, she’s a “Victoria’s Secret” lingerie model! As attractive as Miranda Kerr is, she’s not exactly my type. I’m not a model snob or anything because you all know I’d be all over that like white on rice, but if I were dating Miranda I’d have to make her put on a few pounds. Like many models Miranda Kerr is a bit on the thin side, but she makes this lingerie look pretty amazing anyway.

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Miranda Kerr Grazia bikini photoshoot

Miranda Kerr bikini pictures“Miranda Kerr” hot posing prettily for that camera and seeking like her thin modelesque self while doing this.

They are behind-the-scenes bikini photos from Miranda Kerr‘s “Grazia photoshoot”, and yes, that’s a “Miranda Kerr nipple slip“. Because if there’s something better than Miranda Kerr bikini pictures, it’s a Miranda Kerr n**pple slip. Well, okay, there would be a few stuff that are better, but a nipple slip is certainly up there.

How can you guys like Miranda’s bikini lingerie body?