Sexy Rihanna Is From The Future

Rihanna photosNormally I find hot “Rihanna pretty sexy, but she’s been slipping into this Grace Jones like character and you don’t want to be compared to “Grace Jones” because that dude chick is scary. Here’s sexy “Rihanna” for Fashion’s Night Out, whatever that is, looking pretty good for a chick from the future. I don’t know what the f*ckk she’s wearing, apparently fashion needs a night in because this shot is getting weird. I like the legs though.

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Rihanna sexy legs show


By the look on Rihanna’s face it looks like Chris Brown just sent her a text message on how to treat a ladyss. I used to think she was hot that was before finding out she could take a f**ckin’ beating. If this isn’t the super woman, I don’t know who is, but I do know that my wife definitely isn’t her. She’s too f**ckin’ white and can’t take the passion that comes with latin love, you know like the occassional hog tying her while slapping and spitting in her fat whore face, Rihanna on the other hand, pretty much made that shit mainstream. I love her RIHANNAAA.

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